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Dog, Animal Attacks and Bites

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Dog attacks are occurring with more frequency throughout the United States. Each year, nearly five million Americans are victims of dog attacks, and almost 800,000 of the victims require medical attention. Although a number of attacks sustained by adults are work related, the vast majority of victims are children, especially male children between the ages of 5 and 9, who are bitten and mauled by the family dog, or by a relative’s, friend’s or neighbor’s dog. Vicious dog attacks are responsible for a number of deaths each year.

Children, more often than adults, are more likely to be bitten on the head, neck or face with target points at the cheeks, lips or nose areas. These injuries include perforations, lacerations and tearing of the tissue and generally require expert surgical treatment to prevent permanent disfiguring. In addition to physical trauma, victims of dog attacks may suffer psychological and emotional difficulties.

Michigan Law holds that there are essentially “no free bites.” The only defense to a dog bite is provocation, such as striking the dog. An owner cannot claim that he/she did not know that the dog was dangerous or would bite. A personal injury claim can also proceed on the basis of negligence, especially if the dog has previously bitten someone and the owner is aware of the incident. Many Michigan municipalities have leash laws in addition to the State law that suggests, if not requires, a dog to be leashed and not allowed to run unrestrained. Other animals, including farm animals, may also be subject to these laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Animal Attacks

Q: I know it is impossible to prevent a dog attack from happening 100% of the time. But how can I protect my child from becoming a victim of an attack?

A: It is important that parents and teachers work together to prevent dog attacks. Parents need to teach their children never to approach a dog without the supervision of an adult. Children must understand that it is unacceptable to pull a dog’s tail, hug the dog around the neck or pet a dog that is eating. Contact with certain breed such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers should be avoided by both children and adults. Schools should provide education to children about how to prevent an attack or bite, how to select a pet and the responsibilities of owning a dog. There are a number of important safety tips to keep in mind if you are confronted by an unfamiliar dog. For valuable information, visit:

Q: How do I select the right law firm to represent me or a member of my family?

A: Make no mistake about it: not all attorneys are equally qualified to handle your Michigan dog attack claim. Choose an attorney with a solid reputation in your community. Base your selection on the recommendations of other knowledgeable consumers, attorneys and judges. Look for an attorney with many years of experience in handling Michigan dog bite and death claims.The Law Offices of Henry M. Hanflik have the resources, experience and commitment to win awards from well-financed corporations and insurance companies. We will obtain the maximum degree of justice for our clients.