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Construction, Workplace and Industrial Accidents

Construction, Workplace and Industrial Accidents

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constuction_industrial_accidents_250x136 According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction accidents account for 20% of deaths in industrial settings, the greatest percentage of deaths reported for any industry sector in 2001. In the same year, there were approximately 481,000 non-fatal injuries and illnesses in the construction industry and 1,225 fatal occupational injuries. Common physical injuries in the work place, such as fractures, thermal burn injuries, head, neck and brain injuries and back and spinal cord injuries, are caused by falls from heights, dangerous machinery, motor vehicle accidents and impacts from falling objects. Other workplace hazards include electrocution, exposure to dangerous chemicals, loud noise, and biological agents. Road construction workers are at special risk of receiving injuries on construction sites that allow motor vehicle traffic to pass through.

Death and serious injury suffered by construction workers often involve multiple injuries to the skin, muscles, joints and internal organs. If the worker’s limbs have been compressed for some time under a heavy object, he or she might have sustained a crush injury which disrupts circulation of the blood and may cause the individual to go into traumatic shock. If left untreated, crush injuries can have severe consequences involving kidney damage or amputation of the affected limb.

Construction and factory workers are exposed to thousands of commercial chemical products that generally do not cause injury, unless left on the skin for a prolonged time, or if the chemical is inhaled or ingested. Severe chemical injuries often occur in the workplace when there is prolonged contact with a chemical that is released in an accidental spill or explosion. Severe chemical burns can cause intense pain and discomfort and even shock. If dangerous chemicals are inhaled, damage to the respiratory system may leave a worker with long term medical issues.

If you have been injured in a construction or industrial accident, Workers’ Compensation will cover much of your medical expenses and a portion of your wage losses, but not all of your actual expenses. You may be entitled to collect additional compensation from another party for your injuries if there was negligence on the part of the construction site owner or sub-contractor or if you were injured because of dangerous machinery.

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