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Birth and Pediatric Death/Injury

Injury Resource Center of Michigan

pediatric_250 Accidental injury is a major cause of loss of life in children. In fact, accidents account for nearly half of all deaths in children 15 years old and younger, particularly males. Car accidents, choking on foreign objects as from an unsafe or defective product, drowning, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents are leading causes of childhood injuries and deaths. Because of their immature physical development, children who suffer head injuries or multiple trauma are particularly vulnerable to long term difficulties. Bones in the skull, arms and legs in children are more susceptible than those in adults to injury from traumatic impact. Burns that might cause minor injuries in the adult population potentially pose a risk to children, whose skin is thinner. Young children and young adults are those who are injured most often in household fires.

Following car accidents, young children walking or playing in a driveway or running into the street are the most likely victims of pedestrian accidents. School age children walking home from school or from the bus stop are also vulnerable to injury from vehicles traveling at high speeds. Bicycle accidents are a common cause of injuries in children who may ride out from a driveway into the street, travel into oncoming traffic and then collide with a vehicle. Children may suffer severe fractures of the arms and legs or head injuries caused by the impact with the vehicle and contact with the pavement.

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